4 Tools from MIT for Developers

MIT is a renowned name in the education industry all over the world. It is none other than the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who has the vision of improving education and research and taking them to new levels. It also believes in educating the students, to lift-up the morale, in order to meet the increasing demands. There is further no denying the fact that it has created its own niche in every field you know. Whether it is the computer science, energy, literature, economics or genomics; MIT will offer you new research work and tools that will help you in the long run. MIT’s alumni consist of lots of techies and this institution has done many things for developers. We’ll see a list of 4 Tools from MIT for Developers in this post.

Developers will find the MIT tools quite focused, simple, convenient and latest without taking much concern about the complications involved in the development process. Here we will see few of the MIT tools that can be successfully used by the developers and have already done miracle to the specific departments of latest concern.


Tools from MIT for developers

#1 Kerberos – This is an excellent network authentication protocol developed by MIT which uses the secret-key cryptography. The institute has already implemented the free use of this developer tool and it is now available in myriads of commercial versions. We find a number of problems related to the internet use lie firewalls, network security issues and other related problems that target the internet users. Kerberos can be used in order to identify the server across an insecure internet connection. Business can be carried over smoothly with its use which guarantees data integrity and safety.

#2 MIT Design Advisor – You will not have to supply this tool with a lot of information and data about the building; just a hint and it will tell you the energy saved by changing the shape, angle of orientation or tilt and patterns of windows. MIT is still looking for the best clients that can handle it efficiently which has everything for the architects and developers.

#3 Scratch – It serves as the popular programming language for the people of all age groups as beginners. It was launched to be used by the developers and even children; to motivate them in completing the projects of games and animations. There are many of the Scratch Modifications and latest versions that were also released by MIT.

#4 App Inventor – It was the simplest ever and most demanding Android app creating tool which went into shadows in the last year but MIT is again giving it a new life. A full-time project for three months has been started and it is ought to be released for the public use. This useful app can be used to teach CS concepts in a non-technical manner.

Hope these tools helped you as a developer. Do let us know if you’ve used any similar tool developed by MIT for developers through the comments.

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