Tools To Display Your Latest Tweet As Your Signature

People normally can easily update their status using twitter, but when it comes to blogs, forums and websites it becomes a difficult job. You need to write a new article in case of a blog or change your signature in case of a forum. But here are a few ways to display your latest tweet in a clean and neat image form.

1. Twitter Signature Style

Twitter Signature Styles is an online tool which quickly generates a image with your latest tweet and username. This service has a wide variety of styles to choose from. It automatically generates code for easy use.

2. Tweet Bars

Tweetbars is another online tool. It does not provide cool styles and templates for your  tweet, but provides a simple twitter style box which displays your latest tweet. It is much simple to use and you need to just give your username. This service to generate automatic codes for your tweets.


3. TwitSig

Twitsig has one default template and generates your tweets as images. This service too automatically generates code for easy use. The main advantage of this service is it displays your avatar along with your username. Twitsig also allows you to change the dimensions of the generated image.

4. Embed Tweets

There is a more elegant solution for this task. The one that is provided by Twitter. You can embed tweets now, anywhere using the embed code provided by twitter. All you’ve to do is, go to the tweet’s unique url. It’ll be something like this.

Click on a tweet in your news feed, once it expands, you’ll see a link named details at the bottom. Click on it and you’ll be taken to the tweet’s unique url. Once there, you can see a link which says, “embed this tweet” at the bottom.

Once you click it, a pop up will show up where you’ll have options to customize the code. Do the required changes and copy the code and you are good to go.

Hope this list helped you. If you’ve any doubt while using them, let us know through the comments and we’ll help you out !