Tools to Keep Yourself Updated on CES 2012

Consumer Electronics Show 2012 is one of the important events in a geek calendar because it is an even in which many tech companies introduce their gadgets, software and their new products. But unfortunately it is not open for everyone. It is an invite only event and you cannot get to see the stalls if you don’t have an invitation.


But, why worry ? With the help of the tools listed here, you can keep yourself updated on all that happenings at CES 2012. The event was supposed to start by Jan 10th to 13th for 4 days, but CES 2012 has already begun on 8th Jan.

If we have to go by rumors, many new laptops, thinner tablets, smarter phones and many more funky gadgets will come to rock the market during CES 2012.

Microsoft Xbox, Blu-ray DVDs, Plasma TV, Android Honeycomb are some of the many products that were introduced during CES.

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This is a public circle created by Robert Scole aka Scobleizer, containing hand picked bloggers, most of them will be covering the events at CES 2012. So get ahead and follow this circle at Google+

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[stextbox id=”info”]YouTube[/stextbox]

Youtube will help you to keep track of all those events at CES 2012. Live videos from various channels can hook you up to all the events in real time.  All you have to do is head to the link below and choose which one to watch

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[stextbox id=”info”]List of Live Webcasts of Keynotes in CES 2012[/stextbox]

Watch out for the live Webcast of Steve Ballmer’s keynote speech. There might be interesting news on Windows 8 and future Microsoft products.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer







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You can also update yourself with the lates info from CES 2012 by following your favorite tech blogs. including but not limited to,

Hope these tools helped you with your quest to follow CES 2012. Have a nice day ! Do share  this article with your geek buddies ! 🙂