Top 10 Browsers of 2011

The software to retrieve, present and transfer millions of info around the world is what we commonly call as Web browser. As a new year blooms, advanced versions of many existing browsers and completely new browsers start to tassel out. And in this article, We are gonna have a short review on the top 10 super-efficient browsers of the year 2011.


It is already half passed 2011. Now most of the browsers have gone for the most advanced versions of themselves. The competition is much heavy now, with a new technology coming out often to replace old ones, and the browsers are working hard to keep them up to date, let it be HTML 5 or Security features, the competition is tremendous and as a result, we  get only the best. This guide will help you choose the best among the better ones.


Mozilla Firefox 4:


Mozilla has launched its latest version Firefox 4. Its improved interface provides better browsing experience. Its super speed, crash protection and hardware accelerating feature makes browsing lively. The 3D feature of Firefox 4 makes it a ming-blowing one.


  • Firefox button – a substitute for menus
  • Improved Bookmark button
  • Single Stop/Refresh button
  • Scrolling through tabs
  • Session restore
  • Offline browsing (for certain webs)
  • Zooming
  • 3x faster than firefox 3.6
  • 3D graphics
  • Anti-virus integration
  • Anti-phishing (safe online purchase)
  • Enhanced Auto complete
  • Automated Updates
  • Out-dated plugin deduction
  • Personas (Themes)
  • 10,000 ways of customization
  • Multi touch support
  • CSS3 features (border radius, box-shadow and other transitions)
  • 75 languages translation
  • Fabulous fonts
  • Implementation of HTML5 standards

All these exciting features make it the number 1 browser of 2011. The next version namely, Firefox 5 is expected to be launched within the end of June. So, after it’s release it may emerge as the number one Browser of the year.

Download link:



Google Chrome 11:

World’s second most popular browser of the year is Google Chrome 11. After the successful version of Chrome 10, Google has undertaken the launch of its next eye-opening version Chrome 11. We have only the beta version released at this stage and the release date of  the original version is still unknown. Its dynamic tabs and visual sampling feature of recently visited websites opens a new world of web-browsing. Lets have a glance on its amazing features.


  • 80% decrease in CPU usage
  • Efficient Search box
  • Enhanced Auto complete
  • Downloading made easier
  • Sandboxing feature (Anti-Malware and Anti-Phishing)
  • Dramatic increase of Java Script speed
  • GPU accelerated 3D graphics
  • Voice to text feature (i.e; voice recognition)
  • Short and innovative Web apps
  • CSS3 feature
  • Automated Updates
  • Startling themes
  • Session restore
  • 68% faster than its previous version
  • Implementation of HTML5 standards

The Speech to text feature of Chrome 11, seems to be really exciting. But, only after the launch of the original version, one could make out how efficient that is.

Download link (Beta version):


Microsoft Internet Explorer 9:


IE9 has been pushed to Rank 3 with the advent of Firefox 4 and Chrome 11. Yet, IE9 is unique because of its outstanding features. This browser is best suited for Windows 7. The search and address bars are unified into a single bar. Its improved performance and speed makes it superior to its former versions. It works only in Windows Vista and newer


  • Integration with Windows 7
  • Smart look and revamped interface
  • Enhanced tab features(Color coded, re-arrangement facilities etc)
  • Re-designed “New tab” page
  • Notification bar
  • Integration of Address and Search bars
  • Tab pinning
  • Faster than its primordial versions
  • Built-in download manager
  • Enhanced security and privacy features
  • Smart Screen filter
  • Implementation of HTML5 standards
  • Improved Add-on features
  • High accelerated graphics
  • Automated updates

Though, IE9 is a vast improvement over its pristine versions, its features are still no match for the first 2 browsers of the year. Yet, its improved interface, Graphics improvement and pinning features provides a jocund experience.

Download link:


Opera 11:


Opera 11 is a stylish web browser, with many facilities, yet its features are just 40% of those of Mozilla Firefox 4.  But, Opera 11 is a better browser for safe and secure surfing. It also provides the feature of visual mouse gesture, with which one can perform the common browser operations with the quick flick of the mouse.  Despite of its drawbacks, it provides a gleeful experience when used.


  • Opera Button
  • Tab Stacking
  • Visual Mouse Gestures
  • Super-efficient Panels and toolbars
  • HTML5 standards
  • CSS3 features
  • Draggable Mail panel
  • Beautiful Skins and Layouts
  • Pinning tabs
  • Widgets
  • Easy Torrent Download
  • Highly secured downloading
  • Fastest JavaScript Engine

Download link:


Safari 5.0.4:


Apple has launched the latest version of Safari, namely, Safari 5.0.4 a few weeks ago. Its severity and compatibility and methods of  protection against bugs place it in the top 10 browsers of the year. One of the Special features of the browser is Safari Reader, which removes annoying ads and other visual distractions while reading an article. It is compatible with both Windows 7 and Mac 10. The following are the features of Safari 5.0.4


  • Better performance
  • Safari Reader
  • HTML5 support
  • Web sockets
  • Sandboxing feature
  • 2x faster than Firefox 3.6
  • Faster Nitro engine (to enhance speed) and JavaScript Engine
  • Smarter Address Field
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Timeline pane (to view how the browser interact with the website)
  • Zooming
  • Enhanced Keyboard Navigation
  • Accessible Rich Internet Application (ARIA) Feature (to help physically challenged)
  • ICC color profile Support (To enhance the clarity of images)
  • Webkit (Search engine)
  • One click emailing
  • Pinning tabs

Download link:




Next in the list is Marathon 3. It is better known for its rich set of features. It occupies only a little memory while running.  It also provides enjoyable surfing by supporting special plug-ins. It too has a button as a substitute for the menu bar.


  • Maxthon button
  • Ad hunter
  • Dual Display Engine
  • Visual Mouse Gesture
  • Magic Fill
  • Modern Skin
  • Super drag and drop

Though it has it’s own distinguishing features, it is not as fast and secure as other browsers. Its efficiency is low.

Download link:





Flock  ranks 7. But, Flock is about to discontinue it’s support from 26th April 2011. For Further Details visit


Avant 2011 alpha 1:


Avant alpha 1 is also known as Avant 11.7. Its Speed, mouse gestures and zooming features have a vast improvement over its primordial versions. It has a professional look. Despite of these, this browser cannot stand through the tough fight between the browsers.



  • Basic Mouse Gestures
  • 500% Zooming
  • Simple to use
  • Blocks only pop-ups
  • Speed – similar to IE8
  • Guides only through email or forums

Though it has some good functionalities, it is not impressive. Its lack of parental control and ability to synchronize brings a grin in users face.

Download link:


Deepnet Explorer 1.5:


A browser with handful of features, yet nothing impresses the users.  It mainly focuses on RSS feeds and in facilitating P2P networking.  It offers many tools, but cannot satisfy the users like the above browsers.


  • Security button on each tab
  • Sandboxing
  • Customizable interface
  • Online and Email help support
  • Appreciable Speed

Download link:


Phaseout 5:


Its a flash based browser and it is known for it beautiful and customizable skins. Space Inspiring Graphics is a special feature of this browser.


  • Easy Surfing
  • Top notch security
  • Sandboxing
  • Futuristic look

But it is however slower than all the above mentioned browsers.

Download link:

Final words from the Author: From this article, we are able to visualize that, as we move down the list, the efficiency and features of the browsers decrease tremendously. So, to experience a better browsing use the first 4. But, don’t neglect the rest. Each one tops in its own aspect. So, buddies Enjoy Surfing !