Top 10 Ways to Drive Social Media Traffic

Top 10 Ways to Drive Social Media Traffic in 2018

You have spent money on buying hosting and domains and after building your website with all of your hard works, you are not getting expected traffic on your blog. Right?

Then you make great efforts at hunting keywords and doing SEO for your blog to drive organic traffic. But you are not an SEO expert and also haven’t a budget to hire a professional. You are in trouble and may feel hopeless.

Hold a minute; you have an extra arrow in your quiver. Social media traffic can save you. Cheers!

Work on driving traffic using social media and this post is all about the top 10 ways to drive social media traffic. Clearly, if you have less traffic on your blog it is not going to help you anyway. You must make great efforts to drive more traffic. Doing SEO or using social media channels for driving stuff both are equally crucial.

Before jumping on the list of the ways one thing you must keep in mind to do successful blogging. If your content isn’t good all the promotions will be a waste of time. So first put all the ingredients in cooking meaningful and valuable content then promote it.

Work more on your content my friend to get expected success, let’s have a look at the ways to drive social media traffic.

1. Work more on Creating Good Content

Top 10 Ways to Drive Social Media Traffic

Do you write a post on your blog or hire writers? If you pay writers for creating content for your website make sure the to are of high quality and original.

If you create content for your website then ask yourself a simple question, ‘why your audience will read your posts’? The answer is simple if they find it useful.

Quality content has a higher chance of getting shared which provides more exposure to it. But how can you create quality content for your blog? Creating quality content is billion not a rocket science but it is not easy as well.

  • Content-Length – The ideal length of a blog post must be 1000+ words. An article having 1000+ words is more reader as well as SEO friendly too.
  • Visual quantity – Don’t forget to put relevant images to your post and Infographics will be great.
  • Check Readability – Always check the readability of your article. There are many plugins and tools available with which you can do this.
  • Put Inbound and Outbound Links – Doing this will help your readers to get more from your website, on the other hand, it will reduce bounce rate of your blog too.
  • Keep it simple, simple is great – Make your content clean, simple and easy to understand.

2. Share More

There are multiple social media channels and every second billions of feeds are uploaded on them. Then how can you get more from social media where your single tweet struggles to survive?

Social media can leverage the scale of your content promotion if utilized smartly. Every social media source is different in nature and it’s very difficult to find out the right quantity of feeds to be posted in a single day.

Sharing more doesn’t mean to irritate your followers with your multiple social media posts. What is the ideal quantity of content to be posted on different social media platforms?

  • Facebook – The ideal post quantity for Facebook is two. Posting twice a day on Facebook does not make your wall flooded with your posts, on the other hand, it also brings more response from the audience.
  • Twitter – Three tweets per day bring more traffic to your site and after the third tweet the scale of engagement slightly decreases.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the best place for B2B interaction and posting two posts per day will be enough to provide great exposure to your contents.
  • Pinterest – Your posts must have great visuals included in it otherwise you can’t drive more traffic from Pinterest. From where you can get great visuals? No worries, Canva is here. You have to pin at least five times a day to get more from Pinterest.
  • Google+ – The ideal quantity of posts to be uploaded to Google+ is three because after the third post a decrease in traffic has been noticed by many users.

3. Include Great Visuals to Contents

Top 10 Ways to Drive Social Media Traffic

Social media is about visual content. You have to spend time on creating visuals and Infographics to bring more attention to your social media posts.

Nobody is interested in posts having simple text only.

Great visuals grab more eyes and have higher chances of getting shared. Make efforts to create great visuals which are able in speaking about your product or service. An image which can tell a story is worth many texts.

Few characteristics of an image which makes it awesome are featured below:

  • Image must have vibrant colors as well as have well-designed layouts
  • It must be of high quality and resolution
  • It must be able to create some gossips and tell stories
  • It must not be just like a “buy this product” advertisement
  • Visual should be relevant to your content, product or service

4. Increase Engagement

No matter if you have thousands of followers on many social media networks, your audience will forget if you don’t post consistently.

Gaining followers on social media is already a tough job and nobody can take a chance to lose them. You have to keep your social media followers engaged and interact with them on a regular basis to get expected response.

Social media provides bigger reach and if you are not updated on your social media platforms, you may feel guilt in future.

Don’t give your followers and audience a chance to forget you.

But what you should do to increase engagement with your followers? Simply it can’t be done with posting your selfies. Posting a handful relevant posts a day will be enough to interact with your followers.

5. Know your Audience

Top 10 Ways to Drive Social Media Traffic

Content creation takes a lot of time, knowledge and creativity. Nobody can afford to provide that content to the irrelevant audience. The first step for getting success in content marketing is to know or find your target audience.

You must make efforts to find your people. But how this can be done and how it can be fruitful for your business? May these terms listed below help you in targeting your audience this year and I am sure this is going to help you.

Why you should look for your target audience?

  • Without knowing your audience you can’t create the right content
  • Providing right kind of stuff to right people will surely enhance conversions
  • Doing this will help you making better strategies
  • You can easily track the results
  • It is one of the best ways to figure out your competitors
  • Providing right content to the target audience also boost mouth advertisement

Social media is really a boon for the internet marketers and it opens new doors of possibilities. You can use few online tools in finding your target audience through social media also.

6. Use Hashtags

Top 10 Ways to Drive Social Media Traffic

Hashtags are not just for turning your keywords or tags blue, it is a major social media tool. The main functions of hashtags are they categorize the online content on social media.

Content with related tags makes it more visible on social media searches. You won’t believe but social media contents having related hashtags drive more traffic compared to contents without hashtags.

But here’s a basic question occurs, how many hashtags will be ideal for making a social media posts most visible? The answer is it is different according to every social media source.

  • Twitter – Two hashtags on Twitter will bring best results. Tweets with related hashtags are more shareable in nature
  • Instagram – Interactions are seen at its highest peak on Instagram having 10+ hashtags
  • Google+ – Two to three hashtags can be used to get more from Google+
  • LinkedIn – It is the best place for B2B marketing and one to two relevant hashtags will be enough
  • Facebook – Facebook posts without any hashtags have proved much better than posts having hashtags.

7. Don’t Spam

Social media can bring millions of followers overnight. Yes, it is possible.

Social media bring more eyes to your content and product but it has many cons too. If you ever dare to post any hatred, vulgar and creepy kind of stuff on your social media networks, it is surely going to harm your business.

You can bring traffic through social media and be joining your niche related groups and forums on social media can do the magic. You have to ask the group admin to let you join in his/her social media group.

A social media group may have millions of group members and followers. Uploading your content to those groups will bring a huge amount of traffic to your site.

But is it easy enough? No.

Many of the groups will not accept your invitation and it may be possible that your one or two invitations got accepted from out of 50 you have sent.

Do not feel down my friend, it takes just about 30 minutes to send invitations to 50 groups on social media and if you will do it twice a week, you can join at least 8 groups a month. That will be great, trust me.

Before posting on social media groups and forums read their guidelines carefully, these groups are not the place just for posting links. Flow with their rules and don’t violate them, don’t spam there otherwise you may lose the membership of that particular social media group or forum.

8. Provide Something Valuable for Free

Top 10 Ways to Drive Social Media Traffic in 2018

Doing this is really going to be healthy for your blog. Audience and viewers are always looking for useful suggestions from the professionals of their industry.

But what are the kinds of stuffs you can share for free with your viewers? It can be anything depending on what your audience wants, for example the UK based parcel forwarding service sends useful things to buy from time to time. For you it can be anything from the list below:

  • It can a well-researched list of useful tools, plugins, experts to follow, to-do and not-to-do things etc
  • Case studies
  • eBooks
  • Personal experience
  • Expert’s suggestions
  • Your achievements
  • Anything which is valuable, you think can grab more attention and you can afford it to share for free

9. Track Results

Top 10 Ways to Drive Social Media Traffic in 2018

You have done everything you think will work for driving traffic. But are your efforts delivers expected results or have you achieve your goals?

If your answer is yes, then congratulations and if it’s a no then you have to figure out the possible reasons.

Jump to Google analytics to track your efforts. You can use many tools which are available online for tracking but I will prefer Google analytics. It’s simply great.

10. Embed Social Sharing Widgets on your Website

Not adding social sharing buttons in your website is something like keeping your content secret. Any benefit of keeping it secret? Not at all.

The best part of social media is that if a user finds anything useful or interesting he/she may share it, and the chances are bigger.

Likes and comments on your social media posts are not going to help you more, shares will definitely help you. If you haven’t embedded social media sharing buttons to your blog, hurry up and do it now. Why it is necessary, you ask?

  • Your posts will get more social signals
  • Increase exposure to your brand or blog
  • Build relationships with the viewers
  • Drive more traffic
  • Healthy for your site SEO
  • Add value to your social media posts

Final Note:

Be useful, interesting and be social on social media networks.

Many internet marketers are making million dollars with utilizing social media smartly. Social media is place where you can leverage your business with better strategies. It is also a place where you brand value may ruin. So use it smartly and socially to get more from it.



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