Top 25 Liked Pages in Facebook

Love it or hate it, Facebook, with as much as 750 million users, is by far the best place for marketers and fans. We have seen a lot of fan pages in Facebook and even liked our favorite ones too. The like button has become a fixture on facebook. It is widely used by a lot of websites and others page. Among all, the likes for the facebook fan pages ranks the top. In that category, the likes for the celebrities and top business companies rank the top place.


A few days back, we saw the Top 20 most followed people on Twitter. Now here comes the top 25 most liked pages on Facebook. Thanks to Social Bakers for collecting this giant list.

Right now Facebook in Facebook, ranks the first place with as much as 53,361,650 likes followed by Texas Hold’em Poker with 50,785,035 Facebook likes. Next come Eminem and YouTube in the third and fourth places with 47,422,988 and 45,515,155 likes respectively. In the fifth place is Rihanna with 45,513,195 likes.

Now, here is the full list of 25 top most liked pages in facebook. For convenience, I have added the linked each name to the respective page. Just log into your Facebook account, come over here, click the links, and like the page in minutes.

  1. Facebook – 53M+ likes
  2. Texas Hold’Em Poker – 50M+ likes
  3. Eminem – 47M+ likes
  4. YouTube – 45M+ likes
  5. Rihanna – 45M+ likes
  6. Lady Gaga – 43M+ likes
  7. Michael Jackson – 41M+ likes
  8. Shakira – 40M+ likes
  9. Family Guy – 38M+ likes
  10. Justin Bieber – 36M+ likes
  11. FarmVille – 36M+ likes
  12. Katy Perry – 35M+ likes
  13. Harry Potter – 35M+ likes
  14. Linkin Park – 35M+ likes
  15. The Simpsons – 35M+ likes
  16. Cristiano Ronaldo – 34M+ likes
  17. Coca-Cola – 34M+ likes
  18. South Park – 34M+ likes
  19. Lil Wayne – 31M+ likes
  20. Bob Marley – 31M+ likes
  21. AKON – 30M+ likes
  22. Disney – 28M+ likes
  23. Megan Fox – 28M+ likes
  24. Beyonce – 28M+ likes
  25. Music -28M+ likes
That’s it. Did you check out all the pages and like them? You have to note that the number of likes will be changing constantly. Any change in the number of likes can be notified in the comments box.