Top 3 iPod Alternatives

iPod may be the best media player out there. But many may not be able to afford to buy it because of its cost. There are alternatives for everything including the iPod. These alternatives provide a good competition to the iPod. Though not first in the market, these competitors too have a good market share from a loyal fan base.

So let us stop with the introductions and see about the alternatives.

Top 3 iPod Alternatives

1. Microsoft Zune

Zune is Microsoft’s┬ácompetitor for the iPod. Zune was expected to be an iPod Killer, but it never achieved that stage. But, even then Zune is the most complete iPod alternative available in the market. Zune is a product for the Microsoft fan boy (!).

Zune has an FM Receiver which the iPod lacks, Zune also has HD version that gives a good competition for the iPod Touch. The Zune Desktop application will help you to manage music as effectively as iTunes. It also has Wi-Fi so that you can share your music. It also syncs with your PC, and XBox so that your whole Microsoft family stay connected.

2. Creative Zen

I like Zen very much personally. They are easy to use and have a wide range of storage capacity from 2-32 GB and also support SD cards, so that you can extend your memory.

The Zen Players are reasonably priced and have FM and other common features. The Zen also comes in various variants including one with a touch interface. It also comes with the Creative Centrale suite, which helps you to manage your music library. The Zen is worth every bucks you pay.

3. Sony Walkman

The name says it all. Sony is a giant in consumer electronics. Sony Walkman series is the best out there. Sony introduced portable media players to the planet. There is a Walkman for everyone’s needs. From big ones with loads of features to headphone like players which can be cling to your ears. Sony has equal alternatives for all range of iPods from the shuffle to the Touch(in terms of size).

Sony Walkman features a strong battery that can hold for a long time. Sony Walkman’s are reasonably priced. The Music reproduction is really awesome. It is as great as the one offered by the iPod. Sony Walkman would be a would be a right choice for you if you plan to change your old iPod.


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