Top 5 Android – Ice Cream Sandwich Features

Whenever a new operating system comes along for smart phones, there is generally a great deal of anticipation and speculation regarding it. People want to know what is being offered, what is new about it, and what is better about it than the old version. When it comes to the Android Ice Cream OS, the desire to know more about it hasn’t disappointed. There are a number of brand new features for the Android Ice Cream operating system, and some improvements on the tried and true features from past Android operating systems. Some of the top Ice Cream features are included here.


Newer Social Network & Contacts Feature

People contacts section is now streamlined and in sync with your social networking contact list. You can easily customize or add info manually as well. Each contact is displayed on visually enhanced image cards. If a contact within one of your social networking platforms updates or changes her contact info, than your phones contact information automatically updates as well. Everything is synced together providing you with a brilliant contact management system


Revised Favorites Section

The skins to begin with have more breadth and life to them and better color schemes than the traditional lime green over black scheme that we came to be familiar with. Along the bottom of your home screen you will find a ‘favorites’ tray that will allow you to add more favorite apps to the home screen. This basically doubles the number from the previous version. You can store your favorite apps here or get rid of it altogether. Perhaps that’s a great advantage in that you are given the choice to do so or not.

Great Locking Features

Keeping your phone and your information safe is important in today’s society. The last thing any of us wants is to have to wonder who might be using our phone or looking at our personal messages when we’re not around. While the locking features are generally the same, for Android Ice Cream, it’s the unlocking features that made us take notice. You can use the ‘face unlock’ feature on your phone now, so that your camera on the Android will have to recognize your features in order for it to be unlocked. Pretty sweet, huh? We thought so. When you set up this feature, you will want to get a decent facial shot of yourself, something that will be able to be replicated in a variety of different lighting conditions. This will be your establishing picture and what your Android Ice Cream OS will compare when you want to unlock your phone. When you’re ready to unlock it, just hold your beautiful mug in front of the camera and you’re ready to go.


Gmail Improved

One of the top Ice Cream features is the new and improved Gmail app. Sending and receiving emails has never been easier thanks to Google’s enhanced on board tools that allow you to get the most from your Gmail account when viewing email from your Android phone. The inbox now shows additional lines of text, so that you can see whether it is a message that you might want to open right away, or it is something that could wait a while. Once you’re in the messages, you have more control, such as adding labels, marking messages as important, delivering them to your spam folder, and much more. Getting to the next message in your inbox when you’re reading one is as simple as swiping the screen.


A More Efficient Keyboard

One of the common complaints that people have about their smart phones is the keyboard. When it’s too tough to type, it becomes frustrating. The new Android Ice Cream OS keyboard may appear similar, but it has added spell check, offers ideas to complete words, and detects double-typed words. Double tapping a word brings up an edit/replace option, so that editing your email, notes, or letters is easier than ever before. This Android Ice Cream operating system has taken mobile keyboard technology to a higher level for sure.



Android Ice Cream will definitely change the playing field for smart phones, there are many other incredible new features that make Ice Cream an incredible upgrade over the old platform and design, we just covered our favorite top 5 here. Don’t forget you should also get a cell phone provider with 4g high speed internet download so that you can enjoy all Ice Cream’s super-fast features. Here in the U.S., both AT&T and Verizon are good candidates and AT&T offers Uverse coupons for its internet and wireless service so that consumers can save on their initial signups. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s important to have the most efficient mobility for personal and business use, and with the Android Ice Cream new features, that’s precisely what you will get.