Top 5 Android Task Managers

The beginning of the smartphone era gave birth to a whole new age of mobile computing that was increasing its productivity day after day. The processing power of the smartphones today are 3-4 fold times more to what they used to be when first launched. The generation of dual core processors which were once proclaimed to power up the PCs to greater heights are now seen in a small handheld smartphones.

The Idea

The increasing productivity of smartphones and the ever increasing multi-tasking capabilities are in a way bringing in a need for efficient task management systems. Softwares are released time to time but tend to become obsolete due to irregular updates or other reasons.

Android being one of the most widely accepted OS’s in mobile devices; and with an App Store named “Google Play” which includes quite a huge number of offerings, the need for a task manager cannot be looked over.

Top Task Managing Softwares

#1 Advanced Task Killer

Basically involved in freeing up memory space by helping exit idle application running on the background that are consuming memory reducing the processing power

Cost: Free

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#2 ES Task Manager

A powerful tool at the “Play”, that not only allows users to free memory by exiting running application but also helps save on the battery, speed up the phone as well as uninstall applications. Moreover there exists an ignore list, wherein important applications may be listed so that accidental closure of the same may be avoided.

Cost: Free

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#3 Battery Dr Saver + A Task Killer

A multi-purpose app at the “Play”. The basic feature is to boost up the battery power and in the meantime would also act as a task manager by allowing the user to easily kill tasks. The ability to manage the tasks running on the system allows it to monitor and regulate battery usage. In the run it also adds up to be a memory as well as RAM booster.

Cost: Free

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#4 System Panel App

The system manager as well as a task/app manager helps to provide memory usage data over a long time for specific apps. In the way, one can decide as to regulate the use of application that is heavy on the smartphone’s memory.

Cost: $3.

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#5 AndroZip File Manager

The app takes up the role of file manager, archive manager, app backup as well as installer. Moreover additional features include the search as well as creation of zips of files.

Cost: Free

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