Top 5 Photo Sharing Apps for Android

When compared to most android phones, the iPhone camera is far better. So, apps related to photography and photo sharing are more popular in the iOS arena than with Android. But, that doesn’t mean that Android doesn’t have any good apps. We’ve listed the top 5 photo sharing apps for Android.

Though there are hundreds of similar apps in the play store, these  apps stood out from the rest because they were innovative and different.

#1 Instagram

Instagram is the world’s largest mobile community. Instagram let’s you take photos and add wonderful effects to it, so that your photos, even if they were taken with a poor mobile camera, will give you a professional effect. You can easily share those photos with your friends in your instagram network or in other  social networks like Facebook or Twitter. You can also browse through pictures uploaded by your friends right from the App.


#2 EyeEm

EyeEm is a simple, smooth and cute photo-sharing app that comes with an amazing User Interface. It comes with a feature with which users can take photos from within the app (a kind of in-built camera) including other cool filters. As a diffrence I found with EyeEm, it don’t allow any post without insisting for a title and location. While these have allowed users to see photos taken around a particular location, it can also be annoying when you don’t have the time but want to get an image across the network. Overall, EyeEm comes with live feeds and  allows users to share with other social networks.

#3 Flickr

Who haven’t heard about flickr? It is among the most popular photo sharing platforms available on the internet and has been in use for almost 7+ years now. However, a new door has been recently opened for android users on Flickr which comes with an alternative camera, filters and tagging functions. Flickr is fun, smooth and simple to use but what excites me most about this app is its fast navigability and turnaround in handling tasks. Flickr is owned by Yahoo Inc and the last I checked; it is still a free app. Do you use Yahoo email client? Note that Flickr is designed to complement it. With Flickr, you are allowed to play with your pictures, albums and even contacts without closing one app to open another.

#4 LiveShare

LiveShare is a dual faceted photo sharing platform. It is developed by Cooliris and comes with amazing web interfaces while still providing mobile users effective photo sharing facilities; allowing them to upload photos, add friends, view streams and play with many other features. However, I think that this guy is paying more attention to the web service as the app offer but basic photo sharing features. But hey, it is still a free app and something to play with if you need a new photo sharing service.

#5 Photobucket

Photobucket is a popular internet photo sharing site with an Android client that allows users to upload and download photos from the site. You can also share them across other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The Snapbucket, another app from Photobucket Corporation, brings even more photo editing facilities with which users can edit and add filters and frames to their photos. Photobucket is a free app and allow users to tag photos just like many other big name photo-sharing apps and services like Snapily and Mixbook.

If you are an android user and want to harness the real benefits of photo-sharing, these are some of the best photo-sharing apps for android you can consider. They have interesting user interfaces, are easy and smooth to use and allow for some customizations without lifting a finger off your android device.

If you have any doubts while using them, don’t hesitate to drop a comment and we’ll help you out. If you are using a photo sharing app, that deserves a place in this list, then do let us know through the comments and we’ll add it here !