Top 5 Sites to Download Free Mac Softwares

There are thousands of sites around the web that offers free download to Windows software. But when it comes to Mac it is only from a few big players like softpedia, we can download free softwares. Isn’t there any site that is dedicated completely for free Mac software ?


Actually, there are a lot of sites, which provides download to free mac software, but they are few when compared to their Windows counterparts. Enough of comparing Windows and Mac. Mac is one of the finest Operating systems in the world. Cost being the only factor against it, the Mac community comprises only a wealthy few. So there are only a small number of third party software vendors, that too free especially.

But still there are softwares that available for the Mac for free. Now let us take a look at the best of few sites which offer downloads to free Mac Software.


MacUpdate lists both free and paid applications for Mac, but you can filter free apps alone if you want. This site is updated frequently and each app is reviewed and rated. You can filter out software based on your needs. It is simple and minimalistic but showcases only the best software.



It has a collection of over 400+ free software for Mac neatly organised and categorized into clean categories. The only drawback is that you can’t directly download from this site. You’ll be redirected to the publisher’s page from where you can download the software.



AppDonkey is pretty simple. It has a vast library of over 1000+ free softwares for Mac. Which you can search or browse by category. Your free Mac Apps are just one click away.


Open Source Mac

Open Source Mac provides downloads to only Open Source Macintosh Apps. It doesn’t have a big display of softwares. But, still they are open source and free, so it shouldn’t be a problem 🙂



This site is updated on a regular basis and it showcases only Mac apps that are free. They provide a link to the developer site, from where you can download the software.


Hope this list helped you find the best of free Mac Softwares. If it did, do share the love by sharing this article with your friends.