Top 5 Things About the Samsung Galaxy R

The Galaxy R is touted as a slightly less costly version of the excellent Samsung Galaxy SII. It will be cheaper than the top of the range Android, as Galaxy SII deals can be fairly pricey, but won’t necessarily miss out on many of its excellent features. So, what are its top five best features of the Galaxy R?



The device is not in the premium league and still manages to get a top of the range dual core processor of a whole 1GHz to itself. This sort of power is excellent for a device of this price and really shows on the phone which has the legs for copious amounts of multitasking among other things. The device is also great for multimedia use and we found it to be more than capable for videos, browsing and work all at once. It also has its own GeForce Graphics chip which adds to the capabilities of the phone massively.


Though the screen is not the same as the one on the Galaxy SII – the Super AMOLED Plus, it is still an astoundingly good display. The Super Clear LCD has one of the engines Samsung uses in its TVs, the digital natural image engine. This processor creates wonderful bright lag fee images and the only real difference is that it eats up the battery faster than the AMOLED screen.


The new phone is also quite stylish. It is a little bit wider than the Galaxy SII at 9.5mm deep ad it is also heavier. However, it still looks the business and has a similarity to all Samsung’s with its thin bezel and large screen and simple minimalist features. It is a very tidy and attractive phone and looks great.


The Samsung uses Android 2.3, like the Galaxy SII. It also has TouchWiz system added on to the system to ensure the phone has the Samsung specifics when you are using it. The new TouchWiz user interface is a nicely thought out one and some of the Samsung apps are great, especially when the phone is meant to be orientated towards multimedia. The Android OS is one of the best there is and the phone has every sort of accessory in this area available.


The camera is also quite good for its size. It’s a 5m and is capable of recording 720p video for playback on the excellent screen. This camera is ideal for most shooting and the dual LED is perfect for illumination at night.

All in all the Galaxy R is only slightly different to the Galaxy SII in terms of appearance, and the only real changes made are to the screen with a switch to Super Clear LCD. This has its benefits as well as drawbacks and the Galaxy R is an equally fantastic phone to the highly popular Galaxy SII, while at the same time being in more people’s reach thanks to its lower price tag, as a Galaxy R contract is expected to cost a fair amount less than a Galaxy SII contract.