Top 5 Tips to Secure Computers

Securing computers from hackers isn’t easy, especially in this era of technology when even kindergarten children are coming online and searching Google about hacking websites. This is insane, but you should accept the fact that everything you should know for hacking a website is available on the web – search Google. It’s easy to hack down something but it’s hundred times difficult to build that thing. What to do? Well, there are hundreds of things you can do to save your computer from hacking but not all of them are as effective as they pretend to be. Don’t worry because we have compiled up the list of Top 5 Tips to Secure Computers from hackers.


A Good Antivirus

It acts like an antidote. It’s the ultimate guardian of your computer. It’s the one which can protect your computer from all kinds of viruses and malwares so keep it updated and I suggest you to use a good quality antivirus. Use KasperSky, Norton, Bit Defender etc. Buying an antivirus is just an one time investment which can give you long term returns.

Secure your WiFi

Securing WiFi is really necessary for stopping hackers from penetrating in your machine. They can remotely inject stuff using the WiFi. So protect it because your neighbor searches about how to do it and you land up in trouble. Securing WiFi is easy, and remember make use of WPA2 because they are a bit safer than the WPA.

Keep it Updated

Keeping your computer updated too is an essential step which everyone generally skips. I suggest you to update even small softwares because hackers easily find loopholes in such kind of softwares and can exploit it. So, update it every time you get a chance because it’s the only thing which can patch up those loopholes.

Stay Focused on Web

In maximum cases the computer gets the virus from the web, so try staying focused when you surf the web. Don’t linger around or try to click on those lusty ads – stay away from those. Just open the web, do whatever you want to do and log out safely.

Don’t Install Everything

Do you like the game which your friend plays on his PC? You want it? Stop! Don’t ask him for that game because that game can have highly dangerous malware which can even completely destroy your hard disk. Always buy original stuff; pirated things are generally filled with viruses and malwares.

Author’s Bio : This post is written by Arjun. He just loves Manual Link Building.