Top 5 WiFi Security Tips

With the evolution of mankind, the technology too is evolving, faster than the pace of mankind. There are hundreds of gadgets being introduced daily, with every passing day latest is getting obsolete. People are getting more and more attracted towards technology. Internet is turning out to be an inevitable part of this next-gen world. There are various ways by which you can get Internet connection, the most common and the most used way to get Internet is through WiFi. Some people walk to the nearby Café just to access the free WiFi network, does it worth it? No, absolutely not because it makes your information vulnerable to hackers. Well, don’t worry a lot because we have got the list of Top 5 WiFi Security Tips for you.


Avoid Public WiFi

Although public WiFi is free and fast to use, there are some disadvantages. They are slow in connection because hundreds like you too are using it and at the same time, they are not well secured. If you will do some important work, like transferring money online, then there are chances that a hacker can crack into the process and steal all your data.

Optimize your Security

In case you have no option other than using the Public WiFi then you should make sure that you have the maximum security. If your device won’t be secured and you are using the Public WiFi then the situation can go worse, the hacker can even steal data from your device.


There are two transfer protocols, HTTP and HTTPS. HTTP is less secured as compared to HTTPS. HTTPS connections are though a bit slower but they worth it. They provide you a hell lot of security. You can open Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Blogger, WordPress etc on HTTPS connections.


Make use of VPN, this is the best thing you can do. VPN or the Virtual Private Network consists of a well secured tube. Whenever you surf Internet using the VPN connection, all the packets or the data flows through that well secured channel. This channel is almost impossible to crack. There are hundreds of VPN programs to choose from on the web.

Don’t Hang Around Much

Last but not the least, I strongly recommend you not to stay online from the free public WiFi connections like WiFi in airplanes. The more you stay online from such connections, the more vulnerable you get. Just do quick things like checking mail, reading news etc only. Avoid logging in your personal account using the free WiFi connection.

Author’s Bio : This article is written by Arjun. Arjun is a professional security expert and a blogger. He is a VPN enthusiast and loves to use iPhone VPN on his iPhone.