Transform Windows 7 into Mac OS X Lion

Transforming Windows operating system with the help of utilities to make it look like Mac is since Windows XP. People like the compatibility of Windows and the sleek design of the Mac OS. So when they want both, they get a lot of ways to do it. With the advent of Windows 7, it had been made easier to customize.


Previously there were lot of Skins for windows 7 that would make it look mostly like Mac. But they ask us to do a lot of work before we can get to see the fruit. But this one is different, it is just an installer which modifies certain .dlls and installs few utilities and help us transform Windows 7 into Mac OS.

It also comes with a good uninstaller, so you can remove it without damaging any of your system files as and when you need it. This Skin doesn’t completely transform your Windows 7 into Mac. But does a decent job of transforming it to a particular extent.

I have personally installed it and tried it. It is pretty safe to install and uninstall it. So what are you waiting for ? Download the skin and start transforming your Windows 7 to Mac OS X !

Download the Lion Skin Pack

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Try it and share your doubts with us. Please post about your experience after using it !