Twitter Twacked [Infographic]

When it comes to social networking, many of the users are often prone to get hacked by others for two main reasons. One for accessing to other’s profile to get info and the other reason is for pure fun. Hacking into other’s account seems to be a lot fun. But we must be aware of the problems we, the hackers, might get into.


Twitter has got a lot of celebrities tweeting their way to the top. Right from Lady Gaga to Barack Obama, everyone have been tweeting for the past few years, since Twitter’s birth. Now, this below infographic depicts most of the recently hacked celebrities, examines common entry points for hackers and also shows a quite few passwords that ought to be avoided.

First comes the passwords section in this infographic. It is seen that around 401 passwords have been banned by Twitter on July 2011. Back in January 2010, Twitter blocked 370 obvious passwords. 31 passwords have been added to the blocked passwords list in 19 months time.

Next comes the top ten Twitter users of all time. This infographic adds the number of Twitter followers below their name and also adds the date when they were hacked at last. Celebrities on Twitter are no strangers to being hacked. In fact, only 2 of the top 10 celebrities were not hacked even once. Its none other than Shakira and Taylor Swift.

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Well, the fun part arrives here. It is seen that a hacker dug into Justin Bieber’s account and got his mobile number and later he bombarded him with texts. Will Justin Bieber remain idle? Of course not. To take revenge, he tweeted the hacker’s number on Twitter, which his 4M+ followers (at that time) got. As a result, the hacker was bombarded with 26K+ texts. Tit for tat!

Dig into the infographic for more. Click on the image for a better version

Source [Veracode]