Two New Introductions In Google+

It was yesterday when Google launched the brand pages for businesses, in Google+ . Yeah, you must have probably heard that. This new brand pages takes Google+ one step closer to Facebook. Well, something else is new too. Guess what?


Google has has introduced a brand new favicon for Google+ and has also added a new YouTube slider in Google+ dedicated to YouTube addicts

[stextbox id=”info”]#1 New Favicon in Google[/stextbox]

If you are new to this favicon concept, let me brief you. A favicon is a short word for favorite icon. It’s actually a small image that represents a particular website. The favicon can be found at the left side of the title bar, near the site’s name. As for Axleration, we have a “A” favicon near the name.

Google+’s  new favicon stylished with a red background and with white letters, seems to be a great option. This new favicon has something new. The old, familar favicon had “g+” in white color with black background, with four colors, red, blue, green and yellow, at the top. Now, this new favicon has a full revamp. Here’s a look at the brand new favicon.

There hasn’t been any news why Google rolled out this new favicon quietly. There seems to be something big going on in Google’s backstage. Who knows? Let us wait to know. If you want a bigger version of this image, you are in luck. It’s available in Google+’s brand page. You can use that image for blogging and other uses. Illegal usage is prohibited.

[stextbox id=”info”]#2 YouTube in Google+[/stextbox]

On Nov. 3, Google announced the introduction of YouTube in Google+. YouTube and Google+ joined together is sure to work great. The users were greeted with a brand new YouTube button at the top right of the newsfeed.

It’s no secret that YouTube is filled with tons of great content (from inspiring speeches to music videos to honey badgers). We wanted to bring YouTube directly into Google+—as well as make it easier to watch and share your favorites—so we’re launching a YouTube “slider” in the stream.” said Vic Gundotra from Google.

On clicking it, a slider appears where you can enter something for YouTube to play the video for you. When you search for any artist or whatever in the slider, a pop-up box appears which plays a video with 10 related videos queued below. You can also share the video after watching it. On sharing the video, the video gets embedded into your newsfeed and your followers too can see the video or play the entire playlist.

So what do you think about this new favicon? Why did Google roll it out silently without any news? Do you like this new favicon? And what’s your view on YouTube in Google+ ? Share your thoughts with Axleration