Ubuntu 11.04: Natty Narwhal – What’s New?

Version 11.04 of Ubuntu was released yesterday. Ubuntu is one of the most used Linux distributions and with this new update, there is a new User Interface waiting for us. This new version was sweetly named as Natty Narwhal by its developers and looks stable and secure like all its previous versions.


Ubuntu as always is one of the most trusted Linux distro, with high customization capabilities and a huge software base too, Ubuntu looks promising. Let us take a look at the new changes that had been bought to the interface with Natty Narwhal. (Narwhal is a kind of whale).

The launcher

The Launcher finds it position in the left hand side of the screen, looks a lot similar to the Windows 7 task bar. Application shortcuts can be added by simply dragging them into it. It’s designed to make getting to your favourite tools and applications quick and easy. We can hide it and reveal it easily. We can add App shortcuts, bookmarks and keep track of the open windows. This one will look familiar for Windows 7 and Mac users.

The dash

When we click on the Ubuntu icon in the upper right corner, the new Dash(board) shows up. This will provide us quick access to files and programs. It has search bar, app list and a list of recently used files and folders. You can use the search bar to quickly open a program or a file.


By clicking the Workspace icon in the launcher all your active spaces will pop up. This new setup helps us easily multi-task without cramping multiple windows into a single workspace. With this we can easily switch between the multiple workspaces.

Hope this article helped you get a small insight about the new UI of Ubuntu 11.04. Download it and try it and share your experiences on Linux with us. the .iso file is just 698MB. You can burn it into a CD and try it without installing. Waiting for your replies ! 😀

Download Ubuntu 11.04: Natty Narwhal

Click Here

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