Ubuntu Edge is a No-Go?

ubuntu edge
Ubuntu edge

What is all this hype about the Ubuntu Edge? What is it?? Is it a go? The latest news says no!

Canonical, the British company that  developed Ubuntu operating software for PCs , was trying to raise enough money for the smartest smartphone to be released by the end of 2014.   After trying to reach a goal of 32M,   latest news shows a shortfall of only a mere 19M.
The prototype  is designed to be able to function between phone and computer in a way we have not seen before.  This smart phone is not only smart it is fast!!! It promised  “the latest, fastest processor,”.  It will have 128GB storage and 40GB of RAM!!  Worried that you may drop it and crack the screen?? Don’t be, it has a 4.5-inch, 720p screen covered in pure sapphire crystal,.  Sapphire crystal is claimed to be “the hardest natural substance after diamond.”  This reporter will have to investigate that statement!  The Edge will be able to seamlessly work between your phone and PC.  For example anything you were doing on your phone on your commute to work will be present on your PC once you arrive at the office.  You can even send texts from your PC, continue your excel spreadsheets all done wirelessly.  It is truly amazing when you think of the time you can save.  My excitement for this phone has turned into a huge letdown.

When First announced, the Edge raised over 3 million overnight.  However, as of yesterday the deadline of their campaign, they did not make their goal.  This is even after  cutting its price to  693.00 USD.
Many phone manufactures develop new phones with a development cost of 50M, so 32M was not out of the norm.   The Ubuntu software is able to work on an Android phone, perhaps that is a possibility.  Either way a lot of attention is being drawn to Canonical software.  Canonical software will be returning the pledges to its supporters within 5 days.  Even though they did not reach their goal, there is a future for this smartphone and the technology behind it.  The CEO of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth, states” we have many of the world’s biggest mobile networks already signed up to the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group. They’ll have been watching this global discussion of Ubuntu and the need for innovation very closely indeed.”

What will happen next?

Stay tuned here for the latest on the developments from Canonical.