Guide to Unlock All Golden Eggs in Angry Birds Facebook

Angry Birds is a pretty addictive game that is now thrown wide around across lots of platforms out there. When it comes to gaming, Angry Birds is one of those most loved games of all ages. The game is available for various platforms like computers, mobile phones and even the tablets.

And since a few months or so, the game has made it’s way into the social networking sites too. As of now, Angry Birds is the most played game on Facebook with over 17 million users playing it. This game on Facebook is called by many names. Previously it was called the “Angry Birds Beta” and now it’s called “Angry Birds Friends” due to the new addition of a feature that will let you battle with your friends and win ranks.

Unlock Golden Eggs

Leave all those naming crap away now. We are on to finding and unlock golden eggs now! Also called the “Easter Eggs”, these eggs are hidden all through the games. The eggs can be found in the menus, game levels and in all other eerie places. It’s our job to hunt ’em all! But, fortunately for you, I’ve made a collection of all those 10 eggs already and here is the list of places where you can find them. Once collected, you’ll find yourself with 10 brand, new, cool levels to play.

Golden Egg 1 : Go to “Shop” –> All in One bundle –> at the left side, above the description of the all in one bundle, you will notice a golden egg. (See Image)

Golden Egg 2 : Go to your “Inbox” and to the left of the button named “Send free gifts” you will find a golden egg. (See Image)

Golden Egg 3 : Go to “Avatar” and the “Bird-O-Matic” section opens up. At the top left lies the basic yet powerful red bird. Once you spot it, you will notice a golden egg just nearby. (See Image)


Golden Egg 4 : The folks from Rovio have kept an egg in the credits section too! Click the “i” button near the “Shop”, “Avatar” and other such buttons. The credits start showing up. Keep a close eye on them. Look for the name “Ari Arnbjornsson” and you’ll see that his “o” has been replaced by a golden egg. It’s yours now! 🙂 (See Image)

Golden Egg 5 : Open any level in the game and click on the “?” button. That button can be found in the place of the “i” button that we came across earlier. Once you click it, a set of descriptive images start showing. You can notice a golden egg in the red bird help screen. (See Image)

Golden Egg 6 : In “Surf and Turf – 6”, a golden egg is available nearby a barrel at the bottom right. You will have to move to the right section of the screen to see that and also use a bird to get the egg. (See Image)

Golden Egg 7 : In “Poached Eggs – 3”, you can find a golden egg on the smiley. (See Image)

Golden Egg 8 : In “Poached Eggs – 62”, you can find a golden egg kept at the top right. You will have to zoom out to see that. I suggest you to use a white bird to rocket across and get the egg. (See Image)

Golden Egg 9 : In “Surf and Turf – 37”, make use of a White Bird’s egg bomb to take hold of the golden egg at the bottom left of the screen.

Golden Egg 10 : In “Mighty Hoax – 12”, there is a golden egg at the top right of the screen. Zoom out to see that. Fling a Yellow bird to get the egg.

That’s it. The 10 golden eggs on Angry Birds Facebook are now yours. Go and check out those cool, new, golden levels and have fun Angry Bird’ing! 🙂