Unofficial VLC Media Player for Android Devices is Now Out

The latest buzz in the tech world is that, an unofficial VLC media player has been developed by the programmers out there and released for the public usage on the web. It was just a few days back when VLC came up with the updated version of the player for the desktop and also quoted the fact that the media player would grace the iOS and Android devices very soon. But, now, an unofficial player, not developed by the VLC folks, is out on the web and is making a revolution.


It is reported that the unofficial application is from the developers at the XDA forums and the application APK file is available at the forum. You can download it here : VLC Media Player BETA– Unofficial. The official VLC media player says that the team is on the verge of bringing it very soon and it yet to be launched.

With the VLC media player being open sourced, most of the application developers out there are really working hard to bring out better versions with the code being available online. And this is how the unofficial VLC media player for Android devices graced the web.

As we all know VLC media player is one of the bests out there and proves to be capable of playing all kinds of videos and audio files, flawlessly. This is why VLC media player is the best in my opinion 😉

And also please note that this unofficial application for Android has been confirmed to work only in a selected few Android devices. Doesn’t work in all the Android phones out there. Also, the application is said to be kicked out of the Android market a few days back due to the copyright problems.

Well, what are you waiting for? If you own an Android device, you can give this application a go by downloading at the link mentioned earlier. Do drop in your thoughts after trying this. 🙂