Unthink, The New Anti-Facebook Social Network, Goes Live

It seems like another giant social networking site is emerging in this social networking era. As you read in the title, Unthink is a brand new social networking site owned by Unthink Corporation and has 100+ techies working on it. It had been under construction in the past 3+ years.


This 1.51 min promotional video posted on YouTube by Unthink, depicts how Unthink works. In Unthink its all in your hands. It is much of a social revolution rather than social networking. When you come to Unthink, it is you who is the boss and everything. The main objective of Unthink had been in taking down Facebook from the social networking leadership and it’s aim remains the same. Google+ seems to be it’s main rival too. Head to the below video for more.

Facebook(F)!! It’s time to Unthink (U) – (F)acebook verses (U)nthink spells F U Time! After more than three years in secret development, UNTHINK social media invites you to emancipate yourself and take down the two ‘greedy giants.’ Can the Unthinkers of this world previal?” says Unthink on YouTube

Now let us get on with the topic. The title said it all. This brand new site is now open to the public to run it’s first run of beta testers. With now open to public, it is expected that a lot of new people will join this brand new site. Just check in at Unthink site and create your account there.

Unthink has been sending invitation codes to all those people out there during it’s beta testing period. If you have a invitation code that you got earlier, you can use it to create your shiny new account at Unthink. After creating your new account, you will get an app with which you can import all your Facebook info and friends to Unthink.

So what are you waiting for? Create one at Unthink and share your thoughts with us. If it is better than Facebook and Google+, will you quit those and move on to Unthink? Feedback is highly appreciated.