Use Pinterest to Increase Blog Hits


Social media sites and social sharing sites are all the rage today, and if you want to have the most success with your blog, then you are going to want to learn to incorporate these sites as much as possible. Fortunately, it is not very difficult, and you will find that it can be fun in many cases. Pinterest is one of the most popular social sites today, and it’s quite easy to use. Quite a few blogs are starting to use Pinterest with success, and you might want to follow their lead. Getting more traffic is not too difficult, and these tips could help you.


Sharing Pictures


When you want to increase traffic to your blog, you are going to want to make sure that you are sharing a substantial amount of content on your Pinterest boards. You want to share content that you have, as well as content from others. You want to work on creating high quality boards that have a focus, so that people who are searching for a particular genre or topic will be able to find your board.


If you create good boards, and you pin your own content from your blog, as well as other content, the people who visit your boards will likely check out your blog, which is going to increase traffic.


If you want to add a blog post to Pinterest, then you are going to need to have at least one picture on it. You are going to want to make sure that it is a good, high quality picture that is going to make people want to click through and see what you are offering on your own blog. When you have great images, they can do a lot for your blog whether someone finds the site via a search engine or on Pinterest.


Be creative when you are posting your own images, and make sure that they are actually relevant to your blog posts. For example, if you make handmade jewelry, take photos of the jewelry, but think outside of the box with the photos that you are taking. You could take photos of the jewelry on a model, amongst still life, and in some surprising ways. You can do this with just about any product or even service if you are running a business.


You have plenty of options with Pinterest, and now you can see how it might even be able to help you boost the number of visitors to your blog.


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