Video conferencing for Tele-surgery

Tele-surgery or Remote surgery is an amalgamation of technology and medical sciences, where-in the technologies include: Video conferencing and Robotics. These technologies allow the doctor to perform the operation to a patient without physically being at the operation location, rather it can be done virtually. A Video conferencing software with high-speed data collection and programs are made used in Tele-surgery process.

Video conferencing is served as an flexible tool for solving most of the problems that is being faced by the medical community. With the increasing world population, the rate of medical resources available is limited and is in-sufficient. The rapid advancement in the technology, the limited resources of the medical can be made extended to meet the increasing patient demands worldwide.

Tele-surgeries are today a renovation in the medical sciences, where-in most of the emergencies cases it is saving the patient from reaching the death bed. These type of surgeries need an effective video conferencing solution, through which the doctor can crystal clearly watch the case and perform the operation. For instance if a traumatic patient located at Malaysia needs an emergency operation with a surgeon located at India. As it is an emergency case and doesn’t have time for the doctor to travel long to Malaysia, such surgeon can make use of the video conferencing tool to perform Tele-surgery.

Through video conferencing, the surgeon sitting in India can clearly spot the angle of cut for performing operation. The doctor can remotely zoom-in and zoom-out the camera which is located at the patient so as to examine and trace out the surgical wound.

One of the primary benefits of Telemedicine is that of allowing the supply of professional health care to locations and sufferers that may not be able to straight get it. This also is applicable to Telesurgery: A very big benefits of Telesurgery, is that of being able to bring out surgery treatment from anywhere on the globe.

Two cases where the Tele-surgery is implemented, First of all, it allows urgent therapy to be given to a individual that may not be instantly curable in the actual existence of choices, probably because choices may be far away from the individual (e.g. in a different continent). The efficient supply of such therapy is reliant on when it is given and so it is essential that it is given as soon as possible.

Secondly, it allows health proper want to be offered in locations where it is incredibly hard to, such as battlefields and other aggressive surroundings.

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