View Adsense Stats Without Leaving Your Site Using Google Publisher Toolbar [Chrome]

You came here because you have a website and you have Google Adsense. Most Adsense publishers are so obsessed with it that they often go to the Adsense site to check if they have got any new clicks. I’ve seen a few who have a permanent tab reserved for Adsense in their browsers. Well, now you can check your Adsense stats right on your website without leaving it.

The Google Publisher Toolbar from Google is an extension for Chrome that does all the magic. This extension let you manage your site’s Adsense stats right from your site, without leaving it for any reason, whatsoever. However, this extension can only bring you a limited set of stats, you still have to go to the official site for all the minutest of the details.

The Google Publisher Toolbar has some awesome features like ad-overlay, account overview and multiple accounts. All you have to do is to get over to the Chrome Store and install this app. Once you are done, you’ll be welcomed with a settings page, where you are supposed to enter your websites’ addresses and then you are all set go.


Now head to your site and refresh it and you can see the extension in action. Click on the extensions icon near the omni-bar and you’ll see an overview of your account. you can also sign in to a different account from right there. let us take a deeper look at each of this features.

  • Ad-Overlay: This feature display’s a layer over the active ad units on your site and will reveal stats like, estimated income from that slot today, yesterday and in the last week and also the ad unit’s name. This can give you a quick idea of how different ad units perform and experiment with new ad placements.
  • Account Overview: When you click on the extension’s icon near the Omni-bar, you’ll see a pop-up showing stats like your estimated income today, yesterday and this whole month and also that of the previous month. It also displays stats like the top 5 performing custom channels and URL channels and also your lifetime income from Adsense. This help us from the extra effort of visiting the official site to check for Adsense stats.
  • Multiple Accounts:  If you have multiple Adsense accounts, you can save an extra click and switch accounts right from the plugin, which is very much handy.
  • Prevents Accidental Clicks: Perhaps the best use of this extension is that, it turns your ad-units into clickable objects, which on clicking takes you to the corresponding ad-unit’s edit page. This can prevent you from accidental clicks that might get you banned if you overdo it.

Overall this is a pretty awesome extension for all Adsense publishers, however there is room for a lot of new additions. Hope Google makes this extension even better in the future versions. Try it and drop your comments if you have any doubts.

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