Use Your Computer’s Keyboard to Type in the iPhone

I know a lot of people love the iPhone‘s keypad but still there are some people who’ll find it annoying (like me)! and more over when you are working in your PC or laptop, You’ll find it so damn annoying to type with a iPhone’s keyboard! You’ve gotta admit that. You can’t be carrying the Bluetooth keyboard every time with you! So here’s a way to access your iPhone through PC and type messages through PC for the iPhone (You can do a lot though)


You’ll need the following applications:-

  • TightVNC(recommended)
  • iPhone of course
  • Veency for iPhone
  • Wifi connection

Step 1:-

You’ll need to jailbreak your iphone. Most of You’ll have it jailbroken already or it can be done with ease by visiting  “” through your iphone.

Step 2:-

Install “Veency” through Cydia

Step 3:-

Download and install TightVNC from, “

Step 4:-

Go to Setting–>Wi-Fi–>(the wifi connection)–>Copy the IP address

Step 5:-

Open Setting–>Veency–>Type a password there

Step 6:-

Open TightVNC–>type the ip address–>type the password and click connect!

After your iPhone appears in the screen you can access it with ur PC!  You can go to messaging and type message using your PC’s Keyboard!! 🙂

Enjoy it and don’t feel shy to share this article with your friends, you can proudly say that you are an iPhone Geek now