Watch Live Streaming of DLF IPL Matches on YouTube

The Indian Premier League (IPL) fever is now “On” with the cricket fans and the matches have been off with a bang from April 4 of this year 2012. While April 3 witnessed a fantastic show from the top Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra along with Katy Perry, April 4 witnessed a fantastic match between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians, with the latter bagging the title in that match.


The IPL matches have been hosted each year in the months of April and May, creating a huge enthusiasm among the fans. The one held this year is the fifth one since the birth of IPL and there are lots of TV channels out there, making the live broadcast of the matches. And, for those without TV or cable connectivity, here is an awesome news. You can watch IPL matches on YouTube, broadcasted by Indiatimes.

The live telecast is being made right in Indiatimes’ official YouTube account and those with a high speed internet connectivity enabled, can easily watch the match with smooth streaming. The official YouTube account of Indiatimes sports a new tab called DLF IPL with the tab having a video box showing the live match. As of now, the live telecast of the match between Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals is being shown on YouTube.

In addition to the live streaming of the matches, Indiatimes has alone taken efforts to sort out a few playlists sporting the fantastic fours, sixes, catches and lots more. Also, it is possible for people to update their thoughts on the live match with their friends on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ with their social networking accounts. The updates are real time and people can easily voice their thoughts about the match.

The Ultimate Place to Watch Live IPL Matches

In simple words, Indiatimes is by far one of those best broadcasters to provide the live streaming of the highly anticipated IPL matches and joining with Google’s YouTube seems to have made it much more awesome. Want to take a glimpse at the live match? Take a look at the live match here : Indiatimes on YouTube.