What Do You Love ? – A New Search Engine From Google

Google is known for introducing new services often and now they have come up with a new service, that mashes up around 20 of their services based on your search queries. Confusing eh ? Let me make it simple.


Google has introduced a new Search Engine What Do You Love ? or WDYL. It looks like an ordinary search engine. When you search for a term, it displays results from 20 of Google’s own services.

The result page looks like a portal with many small boxes. If you don’t have time personalizing up your iGoogle, you can use this quickly set up your personal portal. You can click on those boxes and you’ll be taken to the respective service.

This new search engine would let you access many of Google’s services at one spot. I can’t figure out any other help it would do, if you find anything, share it with us.

This search engine has the Google copyright at the footer but it hasn’t been mentioned in any of Google’s blogs. So it maybe something that Google is trying out.

So check it out and let us know what you think about it.

What Do you Love