What Happened in Twitter in 2011

Twitter is the world’s most famous microblogging site. Twitter revolutionized the way we share information. Twitter was influential in many countries around the world, where people rose to power in spite of the government trying to curb them. We will see what happened in twitter this year.


Twitter can be used for many ways from judging the success of a film to publishing a book, it can be used to do any task. Let us will see what happened in twitter this year.

[stextbox id=”info”]#1 The Year in Stories[/stextbox]

Twitter helps you know what is happening around the world. If you follow people who are from different parts of the world, then you can even get to know the minutest of the details that the big news networks won’t show you. From Wael Ghonim who became a symbol for the #Jan25 pro-democracy movement in Egypt to the first tweet from space by Mike Massimino, this year was a great year for twitter. Check here to know what all happened in twitter this year.

[stextbox id=”info”]#2 Who Joined Twitter This Year ?[/stextbox]

Many famous celebrities in a wide spectrum of fields joined twitter this year, who played an important part in raising its user base. From Charlie Sheen of Two and a Half men fame to the US Secret Service, many used twitter to press their views and connect with the people. Check here for the list of all celebrities who joined twitter.

[stextbox id=”info”]#3 Hot Topics of This Year[/stextbox]

Twitter is well known for the fiery debates and discussions that people carry out during important events. This year people had a lot to talk about. There was the Two and a half men scandal, Egypt revolution, Raid Osama Bin Laden, Japan earthquakes, Steve Jobs’ death, iPhone 4s and a lot more topics for people to tweet about. In the tech arena, Apple was the hero, with four out of the ten most tweeted topics being Apple stuff. Take a look at the most tweeted topics of this year here.

[stextbox id=”info”]#4 Tweets Per Second[/stextbox]

Tweeters where at their full glory during the MTV Video Music Awards on August 28 with the tweets per second reaching an whooping 8,868. The second and third highest where on September 20 when Troy Davis was executed and on July 17 when the Women’s FIFA world cup ended with 7,671 and 7,196 tweets per second respectively. 7,064 tweets where tweeted per second when Job’s resigned and 6,049 tweets where tweeted per second when he died. You can get the full list of the TPS for the most tweeted topics here.

[stextbox id=”info”]#5 Golden Tweet Award[/stextbox]

The Golden Tweet award goes to Wendy’s for this particular tweet, which was retweeted more than 100k times rising a total of $50,000 for foster children. Look at the official announcement here.

Hope we through some light on what happened it twitter this year. So what do you think about twitter, and what was your favorite moment in twitter ? Do share your thoughts with your friends and don’t forget to tweet this and don’t forget to follow us on twitter.