What Writers Need To Know About Gravatar

How to use Gravatar

What Writers Need To Know About Gravatar


How can you identify yourself on the web? With constantly increasing the number of blogs and writers, it is hard to keep your individuality and stand out among other writers. Unfortunately, most people forget names after several minutes, so even if you write your name under each your article, your readers will not remember you. Moreover, they even may not notice that the article was signed. However, people remember faces and images. They easily connect photo with a real person and even if they do not remember the name, they have this annoying thought: ‘Hey, I’ve seen this guy before’. So, here is the answer to the question we have previously asked. To identify yourself on the web, you need to set your Gravatar.


What is Gravatar?

Avatar is your profile picture, but Gravatar is a little bit different. Being first integrated to WordPress platform, Gravatar was created especially for bloggers and readers who want to be identified with their photo or a certain image.  Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar, and the idea of this service is to link this image to any post or comment you live in any blog.


How to set your own Gravatar picture? How to use Gravatar

To set your own Gravatar, you need to accomplish a few steps:

  • create an account at the official site of the service using your WordPress account or your email.
  • choose your photo or another picture that you want to install as your profile picture
  • rate an image (G, PG, R, X)

From now, every time you leave a comment in a blog where Gravatar is enabled, your profile picture will appear.


Linking social media accounts with one Gravatar image

Identification is crucial for online blogger. If you have got used leaving comments via your Facebook or Twitter account, you lose the cumulative effect of using images. The matter is Facebook users frequently change their profile pictures. Besides, most of them set photos that can hardly be used for promoting a blog. If you want to use the power of your account picture, it is always better to choose Gravatar.

It has several benefits including:

  • You can add several Gravatar pictures and connect them to different emails
  • Gravatar is automatically selected with a matching email
  • Gravatar does not require plugin in your blog
  • when you change your Gravatar, it is automatically changed in all websites where Gravatar is enabled


Gravatar actually saves your time. Professional bloggers noticed that with this option it became easier and more effective to communicate with other bloggers and readers. People remember your profile picture and you do not need to explain to them who you are once again.


How to increase your authority using Gravatar?

You have probably noticed, that you never take comments with a Mysterious Man avatar seriously. On some level, you think that a person who hides his face could not be trusted. This is a basic psychology incorporated in Gravatar benefits. You can use it to gain more trust and authority.

For example, you have a WordPress blog about health and sports. To attract more visitors, you decide to establish contacts with other bloggers and readers. You go to another blog, leave comments and share your experience. When people see that they talk to a real person, they become more attentive to what you tell them. You build your reputation, and with time, you can use your Gravatar as a representation of your blog.


How to choose gravatar?

If you want to implement Gravatar benefits in your blog promotion or running your business, you need to choose picture properly. A few years ago, everyone used pictures of cats and famous stars for their avatars. Today, this approach can only ruin your career. Taking into consideration that the main goal of Gravatar is identification, you need to choose the image that will identify you but not some other person or animal.

It is better to choose photos of your face. However, you should avoid standard professional photos where all people look identical. The main criteria for this photo are your smile and good quality of the image.

There is another important thing you need to remember about choosing your Gravatar photo. When the image is uploaded, you need to rate it. Rating depends on what content is displayed in your profile. G rating means that this image will be shown at any site, PG, R, and X rating have a certain limitation on being displayed. Avoid setting pictures of R and X rating – they are regularly considered as offensive and never work to increase your authority.


Get Your Gravatar!

Gravatar is useful service for all bloggers who want to identify themselves on the web. Besides, if you run a WordPress blog, installing Gravatar is a highly important step. In this way, you will connect your own blog to the comments that you leave for other posts. Installing Gravatar takes just a couple of minutes, but the benefits of using it are multiple. Your identification on the web is no longer a long-term plan; it is all about selecting proper profile picture.



The author’s name is Lori Wade. She is a tutor and a freelance/content writer for Thriving Writer who is interested in education, blogging and sharing her ideas. She has a degree in Journalism and is a frequent contributor to several publications and websites – and she uses Gravatar.




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