Why Does Your Website Load Too Slow ?

If you are a Website owner or a Blogger or a Web Designer then this post is for you.

Some websites and blogs load slow. When a Website loads too slow it means it is losing potential customers, Because in in India and most of the developing countries, Dial up connections are more than Broadband connections, So it is wise to make your blog lightweight and load faster. But How?


A webpage has lots of elements. An image, a widget, a style sheet, all are elements of a webpage. A browser loads all these elements one by one and finally renders the webpage as a whole document. So when we add the time taken to load each element in a webpage, it gives the total time taken to render a webpage.

So if we know which element of the webpage is loading slow, then we can remove it from the webpage, so that the webpage loads faster now.

Google Chrome browser has a inbuilt feature which enables you to check the time taken for each element in a webpage to load.

How to find the time taken for each element to load

1. Open the required web page. Right click it and in the context menu click “Inspect element”

2. The “Developer Tools” dialog box will open. In that select “Resources”.

3. Now in the “Resources” section, select “Only enable for this session” option and click “Enable resource tracking”

4. Now the webpage will load again and Google chrome will tell you how much time does it take to load each element. Based on the results you can remove the elements which take much time to load, so that your webpage loads faster.

Axleration took 26.50 Seconds to load in a 64 kbps connection. I need to tweak my website a little bit, so it loads faster. I will write another article about how to use this resources in a efficient way in the feature. Share your thoughts in the comments section.