Wikipedia’s 24 Hours Protest Against Anti Piracy Bills Ends

The Wikimedia foundation, has now removed the blackout page on the English version of Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. After 24 hours of darkness, sunlight has spread over Wikipedia, making the content visible to the users of Wikipedia. This change has brought a new hope to those netizens, depending on Wikipedia to get information.


It was yesterday midnight 12, when Wikipedia finally planned to shut down for the day, protesting against the anti piracy bills named SOPA and PIPA, that are kept for legislation in the US. The SOPA bill is under consideration in the US Congress while the PIPA is powered by the US Senate. The SOPA and PIPA, expanded as Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act respectively, are set to bring down the pirated content in the internet and thus censor the web.

If these bills are passed, this would prove to be a doom to the people living in America, who mainly depend on the internet for their lives. To protest against the passing of these bills, the top giants like Google and Wikipedia decided to go on blackout for the day. While Wikipedia blacked out the entire site, Google blacked out the logo on the US version of the site.

As of now, Wikipedia is back to show content is is full white as earlier. The SOPA/Blackout page of Wikipedia thanks the readers for their support on protest and adds a large text, on how SOPA is defeated. As the report says, around 162 million people visited Wikipedia yesterday alone, who in turn agreed with Wikipedia and joined the protest march. The entire text lies here.

While you start wondering whether SOPA and PIPA are dead, Wikipedia confirms the fact that SOPA and PIPA are lurking in the dark. In the words of Wikipedia it can be said, SOPA and PIPA are not dead: they are waiting in the shadows. The PIPA vote is set for January 24 while SOPA postponed the vote to February. The voting of PIPA is to be held at the US Senate while there is no news on the voting of SOPA. With SOPA and PIPA bleeding right now, will they fall dead cold ?

What’s your thought ? Do you agree with the censoring of pirated content or go with the Google and Wikipedia guys ? Do drop in your comments below and share this news with all your buddies.