Wikipedia’s Official Android App is Out

The much awaited official Wikipedia application for Android is now out. With no official information on this new rollout, the  application seems to have been available at the Android market for the past one week, right from January 13. If you are an Android user and a Wikipedia lover, you will find this application to be really handy.


The application is capable of running on Android 2.2, Froyo, and higher versions. This application gives you access to the giant Wikipedia database giving you way to lay hands on those 20 million and in more than 280 languages. While the iPhone users have been bragging about their version of Wikipedia application, it’s time for the Android owners to put an end to those non stop boasting iPhone users.

The application comes with pretty cool interesting features. If you wanted access to any article while you have no data connectivity, in the words, if you want to access certain article even when you are offline, it is possible. In other words, with this application comes a tool to save articles, which you enable viewing the article later. If you want to view the article in the best possible size, you can use the full screen viewing. If you find an article to be really interesting, you can share it with your buddies by using Android’s official Share button.


The application is available for download at the Android market and as of now, the application has an average of 4.4 ratings. The application has been download over 100,000 times and has set a great record of being the most used application in a short period of time. While Wikipedia blacked out the entire site as a protest against the anti piracy bills SOPA and PIPA, Wikipedia witnessed a traffic boost from this application. While the mobile version of Wikipedia gave access to the site, most of the people used this awesome application.

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The official Wikipedia application for Android is available at the Android Market