Will Bill Gates Make a Comeback to Facebook?

Bill Gates, the Chariman and the iconic man behind Microsoft, quit Facebook ages ago owing to the many friend requests that he used to get at that time. In Facebook, as we all know, two people can connect only if each accepts the other as a friend. Also, Facebook limits the maximum limit to 5000 friends an user. With more than 10K requests from Facebook users each day, Bill Gates finally gave up Facebook and moved on to Twitter, to stay tuned with his social media freaks.


Well, let us get on to topic. A few days back, Facebook rolled out many updates which changed the way Facebook used to work. One of the notable updates is the introduction of the Subscribe button, which works similar to the Twitter follow button.

With the subscribe button in your profile, people no longer need to friend you to get your updates. Once the Subscribe button is clicked, the news will automatically get delivered to the News Feed, provided the visibility of the post is set to Public.

With Bill Gates being 18+, it is possible for him to enable the Subscribe option. With this enabled, all those millions can subscribe to him, to get his latest public updates delivered right to their News Feed.

So, what do you think? Will this newly introduced Facebook Subscribe button urge Bill Gates to come back to Facebook. With Facebook ranking in the first place in the social media niche, it is extremely irresistible to avoid. Do drop in your thoughts below in the comments section.