Windows 7 Coming to iPod Touch

Windows 7 is coming to your iPod Touch ! You are just a few taps away from running Windows 7 in your iPod Touch. According to LaGGaH, A forum member of the modmyi forums, Windows 7 Ultimate will be available for iPod Touch soon.


The project is in its testing phase, however LaGGaH promised that it would be available soon, in this thread. It could be a Windows 7 theme for the iPod Touch, We are not sure about it though. What makes it special is the similarity it has with the desktop version. This theme makes us believe that we are running Win7 in an iPod touch. We would update you on the upcoming updates on this project.

As of now, from these screenshots, Windows 7 looks damn sexy in the iPod Touch ! Take a look at these screenshots and you would agree with me.

The features included in this Windows 7 project are

  • A working Start Menu
  • Shut Down Menu Works (When click shut down it locks your ipod touch)
  • Internet Explorer
  • Windows Media Player
  • New icons
  • Folders
  • Gadgets
  • Windows 7 sounds

We could comment on its functionality as soon as it is available for download. Till then keep in touch ! 😉

Via [Blogote]