Windows 7 SP1 RTM [x86, x64] – Available For Download

Leaked copies of Windows 7 SP1 RTM was available for download in torrent sites, since last month. Microsoft has finally made the download available to the public. Windows 7 SP1 RTM [x86, x64] is now available For Download directly form Microsoft.


Microsoft has sold over 300 million copied of Windows 7 (excluding the large number of pirated ones). Now they have released the SP1 and this is of some good use to the users of Windows 7. The OS recently celebrated its first birthday.

The current update fixed some bugs and patched some minor security issues in Windows 7 and some hardware  incompatibilities have been solved now. Windows 7 is one of the most sold OS in the history of Operating Systems.

Windows 7 SP1 RTM

Windows 7 SP1 RTM is available for both x86 and x64 architecture. The download is available as an .iso file directly from Microsoft. If you are using a legal version of Windows 7, it is highly advised that you upgrade to the service pack 1 as it is a healthy update for Windows 7.

I haven’t downloaded it, but i’ll do it soon and i’ll update this post with remarks.

Download Link

Download Windows 7 SP1 ISO File (x86 and x64)