How To: Fix the Facebook Like Thumbnail [For WordPress Users]

Facebook’s Like button is one of those widespread social plugins that Facebook provides. Similar to the Facebook Share button, the Like button helps the users to share any interesting content that they come across in this giant internet. Once you hit the Like button, the post will automatically get shared in your Facebook wall and it in turn drives traffic to the site sporting that interesting content.


The Like button usually shows the description section in this format in Facebook : User likes a Link. That post features the content’s title, description and an image. The image section is where most bloggers experience problem, while sharing their content to Facebook. The one and only disadvantage in using the Like button is that, when you hit the Like button, the image used in the post in Facebook tends to be different. Instead of using the corresponding image from the post, Facebook randomly chooses a image from another post or from the full blog. It is sure to make the post in Facebook look awkward, right?

So, what can one do clear up this mess. I came across cool solution that will of course help to display the correct and relevant image while someone likes your content in your blog. As you read in the title, this post mainly features the trick for the WordPress blogs.

Here is the cool plugin titled Facebook Like Thumbnail, which makes sure to display the correct thumbnail from the post. This plugin gives the major priority to display the featured image in post as the thumbnail in Facebook. Next ranks the first image of the post and then come next images of the post.

Plugin will be set the thumbnail used by Facebook to featured thumbnail if available, then fallback to the first image of the post and then fallback to a default image as a last resort. Also, it will use the default image for your front page and for anything else, it will use the first image of the first post of the loop.

Are you a WordPress user? If yes, you certainly must enable this plugin in your blog. It will really come handy for WordPress users, who love liking their content. Do use it in your blog and also share this with your favorite WordPress bloggers.