The best and worse web browsers!

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I was having issues with my Mac last night………then I started to think perhaps it is my browser…….okay let’s forget that I had 10 applications open ……..but with the many choices of browsers it does bring up a good question. Are some more reliable than others?? An internet software testing company named Sauce Labs conducted a test to find the best and worse browsers. Let’s see what they found.
Well, out top was FIrefox 22!! The bottom feeders were Internet Explorer ad Safari 6. How did they come up with this? Well, to begin with they have meticulous records of over 50 million tests.

Internet Explorer, although low was partly due to previous versions of poor performance. It has changed dramatically with its newer versions: IE6 had a .25% error rate whereas IE10 has .05% error rate. How is that for most improved student?? So, needless to say the bottom of the class was Apple’s Safari 6.

The winner was Firefox 22, followed by Chrome 27, IE10, Opera 12. Sauce states “Most versions of Chrome have error rates low enough that they didn’t show up on the graph. Neither do later versions of Firefox. That means that Chrome and Firefox are solid in terms of performance. For the tech savvy that isn’t too surprisingly.”
Here is a graph reprinted from Sauce:browsererrors