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Started in April 2010, Axleration is one of the best source for gadgets, technology related news, How-to guides, tips and tricks, blogging tips and a lot of cool stuff. We welcome guest posts.

Written articles are to be of original content related to technology. We welcome creative individuals to share their talent with our growing community.

Why to Guest Blog at Axleration

1. Axleration has a very large reader base and is growing exponentially.

2. The monthly visits average 30-45k a month.

3. We welcome an Author bio box in your article. You are free to describe yourself and your site and link to your site, FB and Twitter profile.

4. You are allowed to use a maximum of two backlinks to your site in each post – one in the text and one in your bio!

5. We publicize your post through several social media channels, and your content will receive the maximum attention.

6. You are recognized by our community which is mostly made up of bloggers and geeks.

How to Guest Blog at Axleration

1. You have to Register at the Contact Us page – please leave a short message

2. Fill your name and email details

3. Propose your subject and title

4. We will get back to you to discuss content

5. Submit your article and we will post it shortly!

What Not to Do

1. Only submit original content. Your article should not be available anywhere else in the web. We take efforts to ensure it.

2. You should submit only Computer technology related content. Any unrelated articles won’t be accepted.

3. Don’t add any affiliate links.

4. No obscene or vulgar language is allowed in your post.

Your article will be published if it meets the above requirements. You would be notified when it is published.