You Already Have 3 Facebook Passwords

Most of us are a part of the world’s biggest social network and you would have thought like all other sites, Facebook passwords are case sensitive. Guess, it is not so. Well Facebook passwords may not be completely case sensitive. and you have 2 more versions of your password too !


Let me make it simple. You can 2 more versions of your password along with the original one to log into Facebook. Interesting ain’t it ? So what are those different versions ?

1. Your actual Facebook Password.

2. Your Facebook password with case reversed.

3. Your  Facebook password with the first letter capitalized. However, you can use this only from a mobile device.

Couldn’t understand yet ? Let us say your Facebook Password is pasSWorD. You can also login using the password with Case reversed, that is PASswORd. and if you are logging in from a mobile device, you can use PasSWorD too.

If your password is all caps, you can type in the password in the lower case too. However it is not recommended that you use such a password. Get a strong Password here.

This is not any kind of Bug in Facebook. Since the letters are the same, it takes exactly the same number of attempts to brute-force-crack it.  And that special option for mobiles since, most mobiles capitalize the first letter entered in a  text box by default.

So I hope you learnt something that you didn’t know before. If you know any other interesting stuff like this, do share with us through the comments.