Zynga Rolls Out Adventure Land

A few days back, we heard Zynga introduce that new game called Adventure World. And now the game goes wild! So what made you end up in this post? It is sure that you are too keen to tackle mountains tops, jungles and volcanoes. This is a  fun game where you navigate across different maps to tackle critters and explore the lost wealth of El Dorado. Team up with Indiana Jones and enjoy the puzzling game with an adventurous mind.


“We call the game Adventure World for a good reason. By size alone, it’s the largest and most feature-rich game that Zynga has ever released at launch. It spans five worlds – Deep Jungle, Mountain, Cavern, Volcano and El Dorado – and includes more than 30 dynamic environments.” says Zynga in it’s official blog.

To play the game go to Adventure World App and start your game. I assure you that you will find this game to be a lot interesting like the other popular Zynga games – CityVille, Farm Ville and more. On starting the game, you will get a letter from Indiana Jones stating :

Hey Kid,

How about you get your nose out of those books and get back to some read archaeology?
Word is some friends of ours think they have found El Dorado, you in?

–Indiana Jones

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